Hey look!!!

this is the new online face of the future face-man! so first post rubbish right here right now. today is our last day in new zealand. we leave tomorrow for our very long sojourn and soulseeking excapade! ok, we’ve got to pack our bags now. So we will be in San Fransisco (not the bath house) tomorrow ish.

much love,


4 thoughts on “NEW LOOK!”

  1. Saw your show in Cork last night. Thought you guys were great – really nice energy and positive vibes all round. Congrats on the album and good luck with the rest of the tour

  2. Hope everything is cool. You guys are a re-incarnation of King Crimson.
    Great reviews on the web, enjoy your break before the France visit.
    Cheers Dan and the gang, from Daddy-o

  3. Hi Guys ,

    Your show in Saint Nazaire_France
    was cute as hell …
    like a present before Christmas!!!
    You’re simply GREAT !
    1000 Thanks

    Kiss my sister Gaelle, lives in Sydney,she ‘ll comme to see you …sure!!!

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