4 thoughts on “Buy Buy Buy”

  1. yo yo yo !!!!!!

    ok i’ve looked your Youtubes videos and now i’m pretty darn sure you’re the Mark Leong I met when I was a kid!!!!

    We were havin some pretty good fun mate !!

    So So far away though…..

    my name is Gilles J. and i left another post on others pages of your site lol (nope i’m not a spammer)

    Damn heck of great band guys!!!
    really cool music .
    I thought you were heading for a tennis carrier or somethin’ last time i heard of you (lol)

    anyway who’s aiden leong? a cousin or somethin?

    I really hope we’ll get to meet each other again…( it’ll probably be weird and stuff… but heck you’re actually comin’ over to my freakin’ country !!! (france)


  2. We only have them available as MP3 at the mo.. Who knows? We might release the 000’series again. But we are kinda focusing on new songs/recordings for now..

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